Gain more free time while creating more content  

Want to save hours each week? Try these ChatGPT prompts that you can incorporate into your daily workflows, from summarizing long meetings to speeding up research to writing unique content that sounds like you! You don’t have to do everything yourself.

It’s time to harness the power of AI through this easy-to-follow 5-day email series.

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5 Days of Practical ChatGPT Workflows


ChatGPT 101

Learn the basics of using ChatGPT and why prompts can save you so much time. 


Set a goal 

Decide which tasks take you so much time and set a goal on how much time you want to save.


Choose Your Prompts 

Figure out if the tasks can be done in ChatGPT and which prompts to use. 


Master Your New Workflow

Track your time, try different prompts, and keep cutting down the time it takes to accomplish a task.


Celebrate Your Success

How much time did you save? Did you gain two hours back? Time to celebrate with a Netflix movie and think about the next AI workflow.


I'm Irene Chan

In 2021, I started my own freelancing writing business while homeschooling two toddlers and moving to a new house. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish everything. I discovered Jasper, an AI writing tool.

At first, I tried it for fun, but it was a life-changing decision. I was writing 5 times faster, which helped me increase my revenue by 30% each month.

In 2022, I started doing AI writing workshops for startups to help scale their content production. Since then, I’ve done dozens of online workshops, summits, and live streams to help creators, business owners, and entrepreneurs use AI.

"I had tried AI writing tools before but didn’t stick to them… Irene really helped me have a better understanding of AI writing, and now I never have to worry about having writer’s block again!"

- Vasiliki Anastasopoulou,
Freelance Writer

Irene's workshop was fun, informative, and dispelled a lot of myths about AI writing. As a freelance writer and editor, I now know how AI writing can help make my workflow more efficient!"

- Michellan Alagao
Educator, Editor, and Writer

"Irene is a getWise expert, and an automation guru-ess who has been using AI before it was a 'thing'."

-Kathryn Rose,
Founder, getWise

Gain More Free Time with ChatGPT

Join me for 5 days to turn overwhelming AI concepts into something practical that can save you hours each week. Whether you’re a full-time remote professional or a busy mom entrepreneur like me, you’ll find simple yet powerful changes to your daily workflows.

You'll get daily emails with specific action items. 

Plus, at the end of the challenge, you'll get a link to a Google Doc where you have all the checklists and prompts.

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